Matt Irwin photography

I’m on my third Nikon camera. I bought my first one because the Nikon-produced photos that I saw excited me in ways that the photos from other brands did not. I have never regretted going with Nikon.

I’m not a hotshot photographer but I use my Nikon cameras all the time. Since I use my photos (and only my photos) in my paintings, my photography-making goal is to create a stock of ‘usable’ photos. By usable I mean photos with elements that I can incorporate in my paintings. I am not trying to make ‘artistic’ photographs that I can sell to publishers.

Even with my narrow use case, I’m always trying to learn more about photography. I started following photographer Matt Irwin’s YouTube channel because he is a pro Nikon user. He also uses Sony gear but his primary focus is on Nikon cameras and lenses. As far as I know, he’s not sponsored by Nikon but he is a Nikon enthusiast.

Irwin’s photography goals are different from mine but he’s an excellent photographer–a real artist. He’s one of the rare photographers who make photographs that are standalone art objects. I plan to buy his 2022 calendar. I haven’t purchased a calendar in many years. I love his photography and I think the reasons that he uses Nikon are the same reasons that I do: Nikon’s color science is the best of all brands.

 I’ve also learned a tremendous amount about photography from him. He’s an Australian and Australia’s current covid lockdown makes getting outside to take photographs challenging.   

Matt Irwin’s photo titled ‘Candy Store’

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