Beach market photos

I use my Nikon Z7 camera all the time. Nearly all my paintings include elements from my own photographs, typically mashups of several photographs.

Summer is a great time to take photographs, of course. I stay alert for festivals, fairs, or other events that promise to provide a harvest of usable photos. Next week, I visit the big amusement park in NE Ohio, Cedar Point.

Recently, our town started an open-air market at a park overlooking Lake Erie. I grabbed my camera and headed out. The market was heavily attended and provided me with a wealth of subjects–500 photos in an hour.

I still haven’t finished looking through the new photos. Out of the 500 photos, I expect 50 usable ones. [Edit: I actually got 85 usable photos.]

The photo on the blog’s front page is one example and here’s another. I have no idea how or when I might use these photos but they’re in my collection of usable stock photos.

To save download times, both photos were converted from Nikon’s NEF format into GIFs.


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