Welcome to my blog and gallery. 

About me

I am from the midwest so, of course, I’m a hayseed. My favorite expression is ‘golly.’

I’ve avoided being a teacher, consequentially I’ve had a variety of jobs.

Artist’s statement

We live in the best possible time for art. Every day I read about another artist redefining the meaning of art, or redefining the redefinition. Golly,

About the blog

I use my blog to write about the nuts and bolts of art-making. I also discuss other stuff but art is my focus.

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The online gallery is roughly organized by date, although most of my work is not online.

Black Lake is 6′ x 8.’



You can contact me through the site, or you can email me at tom@ thomasparkerhudson.com.

Are you inquiring about where you can purchase the artwork displayed here?

If you have a question about the site, you can email the administrator:  admin@thomaspakrerhudson.com.

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