Month: March 2017

Studio journal 3/25/17

The day ended much too soon.  Some days, I can paint all day long and by the time I put down the brush, I feel refreshed and recharged.  I worked on the two paintings in the photo and then on another one.  When I was young, I would frequently continue painting far into the night.  I…

Studio journal 3/19/17

I recently bought some of Rublev’s Lead Oil Ground.  I’ve had mixed results with Rublev products.  Their oil paint is excellent.  Their burnt sienna is top shelf.  However, much of their stuff is less than wonderful.  They purport to be experts but I don’t see any evidence for that claim.  They sell a lot of thick,…

Tom Hudson

I moved.  Did you notice?  I changed my ISP today and there were some rough patches, as there always are when I do this.  Nothing seems permanently broken although I haven’t checked everything yet.  The last time I moved, things were a lot worse. 

Studio journal 3/12/17

I worked most of the day on The Candidate, the painting in the upper-center in this batch of current work.  The underpainting is done.  I’ll say it’s done.  I don’t like the ground on this canvas.  It is another of my experiments with materials that has proved unsatisfactory, but it does have the happy side…