Month: December 2014

Finished painting: John in Profile

I finished this small painting this morning. It’s another in the series of my young children posing outside with a white lawn chair. I think this is the 3rd or 4th in this series. I have another small one in-hand. I’m thinking about doing this painting in a larger format, say 36″ x 48.”

Christmas morning

Christmas morning. My daughter, Jane, is home from college, and we’re waiting for her and our two high school-age sons to wake up. This is the first Christmas that the children didn’t get us up at the crack of dawn. I’m taking advantage of the quiet before the storm to get some studio time. It’s…

Finished painting: Black River

I finally got this small painting–21″ x 30″–to a good place. This morning’s session was the 9th. I wanted to do a full figure in a small format, and I wanted to paint green. Are those enough reasons to make a painting? I titled it Black River because the subject (my daughter, Jane) is proudly holding…

Robert Koepnick, sculptor

When I was in high school, my regular habit was to take the bus downtown from my suburban home outside Dayton, Ohio. After rambling about, I always went to the library to read and study. Haunting libraries was a habit I developed from my earliest days. Anyway, above the entrance to Dayton Metro Library was (and…

Invisible art

Whenever I go to mass (I don’t go as often as I should), I’m alert to the art in the church. Last winter, we made our first visit to Our Lady, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Cathedral, which is seat of the archdiocese of Toledo, Ohio. The cathedral is resplendent with mosaics of every kind.…

Oil brushes

I have a lot of oil brushes, as can be seen in the accompanying photo. I have another much smaller group for watercolor. I NEVER use my watercolor brushes for oil painting. Watercolor brushes are more expensive and should, with proper care, last a long time. Some of my watercolor brushes cost nearly $100. Are…

Tom Hudson

Kremer Pigment is known for their pigments and their vast selection of rare and hard to find materials. Their only ready-made oil paint is cremnitz white. You can order this white in linseed or walnut oil. Their linseed white is excellent–among the best I’ve tried. A 250 ml jar is $62, which is a bargain compared to other top brands. A 225ml tube from Old Holland is $200+.

Normally, I don’t like paint in jars or cans but my glass jar of white from Kremer has remained fresh and hasn’t formed a skin, as is often the case for jar-ed paint.

I added Kremer to my Oil Paint brand list.

In the studio 12/7/14

My homemade palette is prominent in this photo. I painted the cardboard back of a cheap, framed print a neutral brown. The glass is very easy to clean, and the size is just right. The palette has my usual assortment of colors and pre-mixed tones. The cart (one of two I have) that the palette…