Month: April 2014

Tom Hudson

I placed my first order with RGH Paints. They are a small outfit that prides itself on their extensive line of lead white paint. They offer flake white in an assortment of binders and sizes. I ordered a small tube of the cold-pressed version along with a few other colors. If their stuff is any good, that’s a big deal now that some of the big boys have throttled back production of lead paint. As most oil painters know, lead white is the most valuable and useful paint. After I give their stuff a proper workout, I’ll update my Oil Paint Brand reference.

Review: 43rd Student Show The Galleries at CSU

This is my second review of a Cleveland State U. student exhibition. Like last year’s show, the quality is student-grade but compares well with student shows at higher profile schools, like the Cleveland Institute of Art. The biggest difference between the two is that students at the latter produce more formal conceptional pieces. Also like last year’s show there…

In the studio 4/27/14

I’ve been painting one color for several days–gray: neutral gray, cool gray, warm gray, off-white, and mud. Lately I’ve used Michael Harding lead white.which is very good and cheaper than Blockx and Old Holland. I’m well into a cycle of large paintings (large for me, that is). Most of them are into the 4′ x…

Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez died last Thursday. The great writer was 87. The Colombian writer won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1982. Marquez was a leading practitioner of magic realism, which is style that incorporates fantastic or magical elements into otherwise normal situations. That is a poor label because is assumes that reality is a known.…

Art museums and technology

Cleveland Museum of Art's New Atrium

In their fierce competition for the vast pool of entertainment dollars, art museums are attempting to use technology to reinvent themselves.  The theme-park-ization of museums is replete with interactive attractions and high-tech gewgaws.  On the surface this sounds, if not exactly winning, reasonable.  After all, what could be more natural for our (so-called) cultural leaders than to provide technological leadership as well.…

Tom Hudson

April 15.

Tax day.

It snowed in NE Ohio.

Tonight is the full blood moon.

An ominous day.