Month: September 2014

Tom Hudson

This morning, as usual, I worked on drawings, this time for a painting titled The Photographer. This was the 2nd drawing session for it.  I spent the rest of the day painting on the 44″ x 56″ Washington Square.  Today’s painting session was the 3rd for this painting; it’s still too raw to show.  Yesterday I had my initial painting session on a work titled Three Young Women.  The ground on this painting is more absorbent than what I normally use.  I like it–the absorbent ground–a lot.  It too is too raw to show you.

In the studio 9/21/14

I had several sessions with this painting, Dinner in Trenton, over the past few days. It was the first opportunity to use my new Terkell flats; first-rate brushes–and affordability priced. How many more sessions? Hard to say. Working on a large painting (Dinner in Trenton is 42″ x 56″) is a series of calculations.  It’s easy to make…

One Hundred Birds

For those who love Asian art, as I do, the Cleveland Museum of Art is an oasis.  Cleveland has one of the best Asian collections in N. America, and now, since earlier this year, it’s housed in a new wing dedicated to the collection. Each time I visit the collection, I’m entranced.  During my last weekly visit,…


Poussin is something of an acquired taste–an artist’s artist.  Cezanne adored him, characterizing his own art as ‘making Impressionism something solid, like Poussin.’ Poussin has a very great artistic imagination and easily holds his own with other gifted designers, such as Rubens and David. In addition, and almost unique in the history of art, he…

Tom Hudson

I had several painting sessions with a new painting titled Washington Square. I finished the drawing yesterday morning (6th or 7th drawing session) and started straightaway on the painting. The 44″ x 60″ has twelve figures–and pigeons! It’s not far enough along to show yet. The painting is very rough and I don’t think anyone looking at it at this point could come away with a sense of its design.

I also put grounds on several canvases. Lately, I favor warm-gray grounds and the new canvases look very inviting–I can’t wait to get started on them. One of the new canvases is 5′ x 6.’


I get a lot of email from readers, mostly technical questions, which I always answer. A recent correspondent asked my opinion about Blockx oils. Blockx is one of the premium brands and I cover it in my OIl Paint Brands reference. Blockx is really fine paint; Not long ago, I got a terrific price on their…

In the studio 9/7/14

Fourteen figures are in this 40″ x 56″ oil. Main St. #2 is a scene from our hometown’s annual Festival of the Fish (Main st. #1 is another scene from the festival). With every viewer-facing figure sporting sunglasses, I should call it “Sunglasses Festival.” I’ve had 10 sessions with this painting and I still have along way…