Additional updates

As I wrote yesterday, I updated the gallery with two paintings that I finished last year. Here is the second one titled The Singer: The Singer is 40″ x 50.” The WordPress plug-in I use to manage my gallery, NextGen, failed so I opened a support ticket. As with the other times that I’ve had…

Tom Hudson

This site was disrupted overnight. A lot of my readers are outside the US and they want to know what’s up.

I’ve transferred my domain registrar. The process is messy. To complete the transfer, I have to update several records. The catch is that I cannot update the records until the transfer is technically finished. Anyway, things should be back to normal.

Why did I transfer? My host was also my registrar. While their hosting service is still the same and they respond to my support tickets quickly, they haven’t updated their FAQs for some time–a bad sign. So I am also preparing to migrate my site to another host.

Migrating a WordPress site is a painful process and is something I don’t look forward to. I am currently administering a site for someone else that I developed with the static site generator Hugo. I am experimenting with WordPress to Hugo migrations. 

My next YouTube video will be about the Dutch artist Jan van Goyen. 

Tom Hudson

I moved.  Did you notice?  I changed my ISP today and there were some rough patches, as there always are when I do this.  Nothing seems permanently broken although I haven’t checked everything yet.  The last time I moved, things were a lot worse. 


I am working on a new oil brush reference that is a companion to my Oil Paint Brands reference. I will discuss the brushes I’m familiar with and rate them too. I’ll update it as I have new material.I thought it would be done last week but stuff happened.