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Cleveland, Ohio

Not Spring

A few sunny days last week tricked me into thinking Spring was coming to NE Ohio. Today’s snow proves that hope was false. My son’s golf outing yesterday was cut short by a snow squall and high winds. There is more snow in the forecast. Yes, this is a color photo of the lake from…

Reminds me of winter

Reminds me a little of winter, eh? It’s actually warmer today than it was on Christmas Eve when we lost power with the wind chill at -29 f. The fireplace kept the frigid air at bay during the 3-hour outage. Photo from the deck on Christmas. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Cleveland Art museum visit

Why is a visit to the art museum blog-worthy? After all, my near-weekly museum visits are a longstanding habit. The headline is that this is my first visit to the Cleveland Art museum since the COVID mess started. I haven’t visited a museum or cut my hair since March 2020. (Yes, I now look like…


The annual Woolybear Festival in Vermilion was yesterday. The weather wasn’t perfect but that didn’t stop 100,000 festival-goers from converging on the little town of 10,000. I went armed with my Nikon Z7 camera and managed 875 pictures in 2.5 hours. The annual festival began in 1973 and has occurred every year except for the…