New YouTube video about Jan van Goyen and the Dutch Golden Age

I published a new video on YouTube about the artist Jan van Goyen. As I’ve done with other videos, I used a painting in Cleveland’s Museum of Art as the starting point.

In the video, I analyze van Goyen’s View of Emmerich in the Cleveland Museum of Art, and discuss van Goyen’s career, the Dutch Golden Age, genre painting, history painting, and tulip mania.

van Goyen had tremendous influence on his peers, including Rembrandt. And like Rembrandt, his disastrous financial speculations led to a distressed old age.

His technique is a wonder–a model of efficiency. His style is worth close study.

Here’s a detail of van Goyen’s remarkable painting View of Emmerich.

A podcast version is available on my LibSyn channel.

If you prefer listening to the podcast, here is a link to a PDF of the paintings used in the video. How can you follow a discussion about art without seeing the art?

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