Come on, RGH

I support the paint maker RGH by regularly buying their paint. RGH prices are drifting higher off their initial lows, but their paint is still among the best value on the market–decent stuff at affordable prices.

One way RGS keeps prices down is by providing large sizes in jars. Unfortunately, jar-stored paints dry faster–much faster–than tube-stored.

So they adapted tubes for most of their sizes. This photo shows several 125ml tubes. Obviously, RGH is using the cheapest tubes possible. The ones I’ve bought all leak oil and are easily punctured, as can be seen by the black splotch on the ivory black tube.

Crappy tubes are an annoyance but at least the paint quality remains high. But now I wonder about that.

Here is a puddle of RGH’s chromium oxide green–a lake of oil. Sometimes oil might puddle from a newly opened paint tube, but this mess came from a tube that had already been used. It’s actually from the leftmost tube in the earlier photo.

Yeech. Come on RGH!

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