RGH vs Harding

Readers know about my obsession with The Great White–flake (lead) white paint. This all-important color is getting harder to find because some manufacturers stopped making it due to misguided health concerns and regulations.

I’ve discussed the merits of lead white several times on this blog so I won’t repeat myself here. (Those wondering why I don’t mention Old Holland in a discussion about lead white can read this.)

I like to support small manufacturers, especially those who produce quality materials. I frequently buy RGH oil paints. While their packaging is sometimes ragged, the quality of their paints is generally excellent. They also make an exceptionally clear linseed oil. And most importantly they continue to make an assortment of lead whites. I use a lot of their flake white.

But recently I tried Michael Harding’s flake white. Harding is a premium brand with premium prices (still lower than Old Holland). Somewhat guiltily I tried some Harding flake white and discovered that it’s very good, like all their paint. After finishing the first tube, I ordered two more. So I’ve used Harding flake white a lot lately.

So why am I writing this? An artist discovers that a premium brand produces good paint? Yawn.

After using Harding flake white for an extended period, I’ve gone back to the RGH white because I like it better. That’s the story.

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