Cleveland Art museum visit

Why is a visit to the art museum blog-worthy? After all, my near-weekly museum visits are a longstanding habit. The headline is that this is my first visit to the Cleveland Art museum since the COVID mess started. I haven’t visited a museum or cut my hair since March 2020. (Yes, I now look like one of the pigtailed snobs I made fun of.)

It was good to visit all my old friends–the Davids, the Rubens, the Rodins, and many others. Some new works are on view about which I’ll have more to say later. I renewed my annual membership and intend to resume my regular visits.

The visit also provided me with the opportunity to reexamine van Goyen’s View of Emmerich. The van Goyen is the red-framed painting in my photograph. Through the door, you can see an El Greco.

I am continuing my video series of paintings in the Cleveland Museum with van Goyen’s View of Emmerich. The video is nearly done but I hesitate to give a date.

I took this photo with the Nikon Z7 and the Nikor 1.8 50mm prime lens.

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