In the Studio 12.16.12

For a Sunday during December in NE Ohio the light is good.

Here’s a photo taken in the studio today.  I’ve been painting since 7:00 and now it’s time for lunch and the Brown’s game on T.V.

The large painting on the right “Garth and Jane” was finished yesterday.

On the Easel 12.16.12

On the Easel 12.16.12

The portrait on the left–“Garth in a Yankees Cap”–is another of my son Garth.  Why he is wearing a Yankees cap, I don’t know–we both hate the Yankees.

This photo shows my two palettes.  The one on the right is a traditional wooden one with an assortment of colors arranged by tone/color.  When I use one of my wooden palettes, I put out more colors than usual, as here.  Before putting colors on,  I spread a thin coat of linseed oil over the palette.  This makes it easier to clean later.

The paper palette on the left has my foundational colors: 4-5 tones each of raw umber, burnt sienna, and black.

Today I used some paints from a supplier new to me, Blue Ridge Oil Colors.  So far so good.

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