White Balloon 3rd session

By my 3rd session with the painting titled White Balloon, I finally have the entire surface covered with paint. One issue large paintings present (White Balloon is 40″ x 54″) that is not encountered on small canvases is coordination. It’s too easy to work out the details in an area only to discover the area does not harmonize with the rest of the painting. I try to work over the entire painting to loosely harmonize everything. Even thin scumbles as seen in some places help me to ‘see’ the whole. 

This is the last time I am posting about the progress of White Balloon. For my own studies, I’m most interested in how paintings start. At some point describing a painting’s progress boils down to “…and then I keep working it until I like it,” which doesn’t help the student.

Here is the second post in the series, and here is the first one.

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