White Balloon 2nd session

Last time I wrote about getting my painting titled White Balloon ready–the preparatory drawing and the first painting session. I am carrying the painting forward with this update.

Here is White Balloon after my second painting session. You can better see the painting’s bones in this photo. It’s going to take time to put flesh on those bones.

I’ve been busy this week preparing another canvas. The new painting contains two figures in its 40″ x 54″ space–the same size as White Balloon. The changed scale with just two figures affects my approach. The scale has a big impact, which is why I try to vary it from painting to painting. 

I also got in some new canvas last week, enough for four more paintings. I’ll soon have 7 ‘standard size’ canvases (40″ x 54″) in hand. The canvas is the same linen-cotton blend that I am using in White Balloon. I like it.

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