In the studio 6/21/15

Unfortunately, the overcast skies resulted in a dark photograph of Sunday Parade.  The studio’s bank of natural-light lamps washes out the colors in photographs, so I have to make due with this dark photo or none at all.  The painting has a long way to go but parts are done; such as the figure on the far right.

The unfinished 'Sunday Parade' on the easel

The unfinished ‘Sunday Parade’ on the easel

This weekend is the annual Festival of the Fish in Vermilion.  Our town of 9,000 is filled with tens of thousands of visitors during the festival.  There is entertainment and games of chance.  Vermilion, with its marinas and beaches is a summertime destination anyway, becomes a carnival town for three days.  The roads were blocked off for the parade yesterday so I walked the two miles into town with my Nikon D5200. I took 250 photographs. Looking at them later back in the studio, I was excited to see so many useful photos. Even though it was muggy and threatening rain, like today, I got a lot of good photos.  I can use 20% for paintings.

The weirdest thing, which I didn’t notice at the time, is three photos I took of of a man and wife.  I had taken photos of the same couple in the same spot two years ago and I am already using one of them in a painting. Odd, no?  Odder still is that they were wearing the same clothing yesterday as they were two years ago.  Like I said, I didn’t notice it at the time but while I was looking through the photos I recognized the couple in my painting.

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