In the studio 9/27/15

This small painting (20″ x 24″) is on a canvas board I prepared with traditional gesso (just whiting and glue). I like traditional gesso a lot. It’s smooth and slightly absorbent. Unfortunately, it’s too fragile for canvas and easily cracks. But it’s great on firm surfaces. Canvas board, while not as firm as wood, is firm enough. I’ve prepared a number of canvas boards with the gesso.

The unfinished 'Keith in Red Hoody'

The unfinished ‘Keith in Red Hoody’

Painting water is an interesting and fun challenge. It’s easy to miss by being too broad or too detailed. I am starting to get the water where I want it: enticing to the eye but staying in place–not jumping out. The other interesting challenge in this painting is the red vs. green dynamic.

Finally, small paintings provide their own challenges. In the photo, the painting is leaning against the large Graduation Day, which I finished this morning. I like changing scales–big and small. I am planning some really large paintings–5′ x 6′.

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