A look at Rublev oils – video review

Link to the review on Turpentine diaries YouTube page.

Last week I finally got off my behind and started podcasting, and this week I’ve produced my first video. In this video I look at two oils from Rublev: Sun-thickened Linseed Oil, and Sun-bleached Linseed Oil.

Rublev produces a lot of art materials, some good, and some not so good. In this video, I compare their Sun-thickened oil to my homemade variety, and their sun-bleached oil to a similar product from Doak.

I am still feeling my way around the podcasting and video editing tools. For this video, I used DaVinci Resolve to edit the video, and Audacity for audio. These tools run on Linux.

My camera is my trusty Nikon D750, and I used a Blue snowball microphone.

Note: unfortunately I sometimes called Rublev’s sun-thickened oil ‘drying oil’, and their sun-bleached oil ‘sun-thickened.’ Both are sun-thickened, but the ‘drying’ oil is made drying by exposure to lead.

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