Twin peeks

Making multiple versions of a painting is an interesting exercise. The intent isn’t to produce copies, but, rather, to create variations on a theme. It is especially useful for students.

I prepared the drawing for this watercolor with the expectation that my assistant could use it as an exercise. I made the drawing on pastel paper and then copied it to watercolor paper. After I finished the original version, the version on the left, she copied the drawing onto another piece of watercolor paper.

After several delays during which she was unable to do any additional work on the painting, I went ahead and painted the new version. So, they’re both from my hand if you pay attention to such things.

I pushed the color a little more in the second version and if I was to make additional versions, I expect that would be the direction, exaggerating the colors.

For this small watercolor, I am stopping here. I haven’t exhausted the theme–far from it–, but I have a large backlog of paintings waiting for me to start.

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