Dark clouds gather in Ukraine

Since I wrote about my fears of a US-encouraged war between Russia and Ukraine, the news has gotten darker, Russia sent troops to the Russian-Ukraine border. Many are now echoing my warning about war.

Both sides–Russia and Ukraine–have only hardened their stance amid calls of de-escalation. Ukraine, prodded by the war-hawks in the Biden administration, announced their intention to retake land lost during the last war. Russia is talking tough and pointing its finger at the US.

In a move that baffles me, the US has sent ships to the Black Sea. While the two ships are not enough to materially affect the situation, the move greatly increases the chances of a fatal misstep that will drag the two superpowers into war. Incredibly, the US administration seems intent on exactly that. I guess World War III will detract attention from domestic rioting and the border crisis.

In an unsurprising move, Russia announced that its navy will hold live-fire drills in the Black Sea. Just in time to meet the arriving US warships.

Russian Udaloy class destroyer

Note to Turpentine diaries readers. Politics in an art blog? No, I am not changing the blog’s direction. I intend to discuss things that are of natural interest to artists even if outside the studio walls. Human rights and freedom of speech are especially important to artists. And war is important to all of us. There is an old adage, ” You might not be interested in war but war is interested in you.”

Pray for peace.

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