RGH’s atelier series

RGH’s atelier series of refined painting oils is good stuff. I’ve used most of the pictured 4-oz jar and I’m very happy with the results. I just placed an order for a full pint.

Good oil is critical for painting. RGH refines their oil by “historical methods.” I put that in scare quotes because one always has to be dubious of such claims, but–as they say–the proof is in the pudding. I put this oil in my Hall of Fame of good painting supplies along with several of James Grove’s varnishes, and some sun-thickened oil from Doak.

The atelier series comes in linseed and walnut versions. I tried the linseed flavor. Walnut is superior to linseed in some ways but because it suedes–shows faint patterning–I always come back to linseed oil.

A young artist on a tight budget can improve their painting by using this oil mixed with turpentine as their medium. It is a solid start place.

Important! This is not a paid endorsement. I have no financial relationship with RGH or any other vendor. I write about the things I use in my work.

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