New paintings

The painting on the floor, Arts Guild, is my newest painting. I’ve worked on it steadily this week. The underpainting is done and I started the first overpainting yesterday. It’s 40″ x 54.” Arts Guild is still a baby and has a long way to go before it grows up.

On the left-hand canvas, I fastened a sheet of grided drawing paper. The painting I plan for this canvas contains 8-9 figures. Grids help when there are a lot of figures in the space, such as in Arts Guild with its 15 figures. When I finish the drawing, I’ll transfer it to the canvas with carbon paper. Afterward, I’ll fix the drawing and correct transfer errors by going over the design with ink.  

On the right-hand canvas, I applied the third and final lead-oil ground layer. The middle tone consists of burnt sienna, raw umber, and lead white. I apply grounds with a scrapper in order to make the surface smooth. After the canvas dries, I’ll lightly sand it.

The large painting in the background is The Fair, which is ‘almost’ done. 


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