Yesterday I was late to the studio. I dragged my lazy butt into the studio at 8:30. Morning people know how head-shakingly lazy that hour is. I painted until lunch at 12:00. After lunch, I was back in the studio until 3:00. The studio sessions were good–better than the previous day where my energy was low and it was hard to see

I am refinishing the cabinet doors in the kitchen. So, in the afternoon, I reattached several sanded and painted cabinet doors and painted several more. I finished by sanding five cabinet doors I had detached earlier. My DeWalt handheld sander made short work of that job.

It snowed overnight but the 1 inch of snow melted early as the sun brightened the day, as can be seen in this picture of Lake Erie from my backyard.

Here’s a painting I worked on yesterday–titled Pandemic.

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