Pre-dawn moon

When I woke at 6:00 AM, I thought a helicopter was outside my bedroom shining a searchlight onto the shore. The authorities still haven’t found the body of the man drowned in a recent boating accident. A helicopter searched my shoreline a fortnight ago looking for his body. I thought they were searching once again.

But it was the moon large and bright above the waters of Lake Erie. I quickly dressed and grabbed my Nikon. All shots were with a 24-200 zoom lense mounted on my Z7. This first photo is from the deck outside my bedroom. The lights on the horizon are from one of the islands in Lake Erie north of Sandusky–looking west.

After dressing, I made my way outside to take this shot. The Lake is starting to get sluggish; soon it will freeze.

This shot is zoomed out. It might look like the setting sun but it’s the setting moon at 6:30 AM–still dark here.






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