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I posted yesterday and then realized that it’d been almost three weeks since my last post! I knew it had been too long but I hadn’t realized it had been that long. I’ve been busy working on my long-planned updates. Eventually, this blog will move to the domain and merge with my SubStack site, Turpentine Diaries. I own the rights of several domains related to my name: and, as well as, and, of course,😁. If you’ve bookmarked my site, nothing will change for you. The current URL will redirect to the new site.

I use WordPress software but I do not use to host my site. I prefer to handle the site myself. My plan at the moment is to move from the WordPress software to the static site generator Hugo.

Near term, I added a link to “buy me a cup of coffee,” and will soon connect it to my Patreon account for those who are interested in regularly supporting my work. In the past, I had ads on this site but it was more trouble than it was worth so I removed them. Eventually, you will be able to buy prints and other merchandise here. I might also enable cryptocurrency donations.

Finally, I am almost done with my newest video about the Dutch Golden Age artist van Goyen. Today you can get my videos and podcasts on YouTube and LibSyn and soon they’ll be on the Apple store. I am also going to make the slides I use available for download. How can you listen to a podcast about paintings without seeing the paintings?

Here we go!

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