Savage terrorism

In an act of savage terrorism Darya Dugina, the daughter of Alexander Dugin, was killed in Moscow last night. A bomb exploded in the car that Darya drove killing her instantly. It is reported that Dugin had intended to travel with his daughter only changing plans at the last moment. It’s believed that the bomb was intended for Dugin.

Dugin is a Russian philosopher who is sometimes described as “Putin’s brain.” Although Dugin hasn’t had an official role in the Russian government for several years, many regard him as the architect for resurgent Russia and the primary geopolitical thought leader for the Russian government. Briefly, Dugin divides the world into 3 spheres with China and the US leading two of them and Russia leading the third sphere, one that he calls Eur-Asia.

As Russia’s most respected contemporary philosopher, Dugin is well known in the West and his books and videos are widely available. Apparently. this makes him a target for Western terrorists. So who tried to kill him? Many speculate that Ukraine is behind the attack. Maybe, but because the blundering attack failed to kill the intended target and instead killed an innocent person, it points to intelligence services in the US. Of course, I’m just guessing. Ukraine has denied involvement and no one else has claimed responsibility.

This heinous act signals a new cycle of violence in the Ukrainian conflict, a conflict that threatens at any moment to escalate into a global war. Unbelievably, many in Western social media applauded this senseless murder.

My prayers are with Darya’s family.

Darya Dugina

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