They lost Jeffrey Sachs

Six months ago I would have described Jeffrey Sachs, the Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, as the consummate insider.

For the past 30 years Sachs has taken leadership roles in economic and public health issues with Africa as a special focus. After the adoption of his Millennium Village goals in 2000, he chaired the WHO Commission on Macroeconomics and Health. From 2002 to 2006 he chaired the UN Millennium Project. In 2017, he was the recipient of the first World Sustainability Award. The list goes on.

I knew about Sachs’ work with the WEF and UN but he came on my radar in September when The Lancet published the findings of its COVID-19 Commission, a commission chaired by Sachs. Since then, Sachs has given numerous interviews such as this one with Steve Hsu who is Professor of Theoretical Physics at Michigan State University.

Sachs concludes that the lab origin hypothesis is likely. This conclusion doesn’t surprise me but Sachs says it shocked him because he trusted the U.S. government’s claim that the virus had a natural origin. Sachs’ break with the US narrative is surprising but he doesn’t stop there. He maintains that the government and its scientists are engaging in a coverup, a deliberate effort to shutdown argument and cancel dissenting voices.

Before dismissing Sachs as another conspiracy crank, consider this: Fauci, in addition to leading the government’s Covid response, also leads the US bio-defense apparatus (bio warfare). Did you know that? I didn’t and neither did Sachs until he chaired The Lancet’s Covid commission. Fauci does not want anyone looking into what the bio-defense teams are doing. This is a clear conflict of interest. The public is better served when the likely perpetrators of the Covid mess are no longer in charge of investigating it.

Sachs also shares my concerns about the direction of the Ukraine war. As an advisor to last Soviet leader, Gorbachev, Sachs played a role in the Soviet Union’s transition to a democracy. Sachs is adamant that the US gave the Soviet Union guarantees that it would not expand NATO eastward. In Sachs view, by breaking its promises, the US has provoked the Ukraine war. Sachs also believes that the U.S.’s sabotage of the Nord stream pipeline is another example of the U.S. provocation. I agree with this too.


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