Basic oil painting medium

There is a lot of information about painting mediums on my site but if you’re new to painting, an abundance of information is the same as no information. Where to start?

The good news is that you can easily have a medium that supports ambitious work and serves as a baseline for exploring other mediums as your tastes change and your skills grow.

Here is the recipe:

linseed oil: 1

turpentine: 1

This means putting an ounce, cup, tablespoon, or any amount of oil that you like in a container, and then adding an equal amount of turpentine. Mix the two ingredients with your palette knife and start painting. You can use any artist-grade oil, and any turpentine although distilled turpentine is the best

This medium is usable straightaway; it doesn’t need heating or any other administration. It doesn’t rely on a vendor, and the ingredients are reliably available.

After you use it for a while, you might experiment with different types of oil. After that, you might want to experiment with varnishes and driers. Most mediums contain some combination of oil and turpentine so time spent with this basic medium will not be wasted. This medium has a lot to recommend it.

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