Unforced user error

Friday afternoon I grabbed my camera and headed to Cedar Point. The summer has been unusually rainy here and this was a rare chance to visit the amusement park during strong sunlight.

I normally carry my camera gear in a backpack but Friday was sunny and HOT. So I limited my gear to three lenses and an extra battery and dumped everything in my lightweight shoulder bag.

The day was grand! In the 30 minutes, I added a hundred photos to my stock of photos for my painting series titled ‘Amusement Park.’ Curious about how many photos I’d actually taken, I was horrified when I learned that I failed to load a memory card into my camera! Instead of hundreds of new photos, I had none!

That was bad but the day wasn’t lost; I always carry an extra memory card in my backpack. Backback?!? I’d left the extra card in my backpack back home along with the main card.

I did get to walk in the sun for several hours so the day wasn’t a total disaster. Between the bad weather and busy schedules, I’ve used my season pass infrequently this year.

Here is a photo of the first painting in the Amusement Park series, Winner! It’s not finished but it’s farthest along.

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