Watercolor colors

My recently-started watercolor cycle represents the first watercolors that I’ve done for sometime. I still have a good supply of colors, papers, and brushes. Of course, I never use my watercolor brushes for oils.

This photo shows my favorite watercolor palette. It has enough compartments to contain my normal color selection. My watercolor palette contains the same colors as my oil palette. The two palettes are compared in this photo. I should have flipped the watercolor palette over, which would make the comparison more obvious.

I have half-again as many colors that do not make the starting lineup, although I usually have one trial color on the palette.

I find the pigment character and quality more important for watercolors than for oils, and it’s very important for oils. Some pigments are naturally very staining and strong while others are weak regardless of manufacturer.

Luckily, watercolors cost much less than oils which makes it practical to try different brands and pigments. I do not have a favorite watercolor vendor as I do for oils.

The oil in the photo is Phone Call on Main Street, which was finished earlier this year.

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