Afgan attacks

Yesterday, Taliban elements attacked Ghazni. Several defenders were killed and others captured. In a separate incident in Pul-e-Alam, 30 people were killed by explosions.

What makes these attacks ominous is that they occurred on the day when US and NATO troops began their official withdrawal. When President Biden pushed back the complete withdrawal date from May, as President Trump had announced, until September, the Taliban denounced the delay and promised retaliation for, what they called, more broken US promises. Presumably, yesterday’s attacks were instances of the threatened retaliation.

The US has been in Afghanistan for 20 years. Many young soldiers fighting there now weren’t born when it started. During the 20 years, the US has poured out its blood and riches there while here at home things have deteriorated dramatically. As a bonus, US citizens are now routinely spied upon and their rights curtailed by so-called anti-terrorism laws.

Remind me again, what is the US is trying to export to the middle east?

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