More RGH oils

I’ve written a lot about the small paint manufacturer RGH for several reasons. First, I always support the small suppliers who are inspired by a high view of the craft. Suppliers such as RGH and James Grove are rare. Importantly, they continue to produce the all-important lead-based paints.

Also, I use their stuff in my work all the time.

This photo shows my recent order from RGH. When I reviewed their Atelier Series linseed oil, I mentioned my plan to use it in my day-to-day medium (along with varnish from Groves). This pint should last a little while.

The other linseed oil, the one with the handwritten label, is ordinary cold-pressed oil. I use this oil to clean my brushes and to coat them before I set them down. Dipping the brushes into oil prevents them from drying. I don’t paint with this oil. The cold-pressed oil is $15 dollars a pint. I can save money by buying in bulk from the grocery store, but I like to support small businesses.

The Atelier Series oil is pricy but it’s worth it. A pint is $55. You can see that it’s clearer than the cold-pressed oil. Their walnut oil is clearer still but I prefer the linseed.

Finally, I ordered 125 ml of their lead-based Flemish white. Lately, I am use their flake white but figured I’d give this version a try.

That’s my new steel triangle in the background. A very useful tool and unlike my plastic triangles, this one can be used as a saw guide.

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