New paint order from Blue Ridge

The more I use Blue Ridge oils, the more I like them. I continue to use their flake white, of course, but I’m enjoying their entire lineup.

My recent small order contains colors I use all the time, cerulean blue and permanent crimson, and others I’m testing–terra rosa and cobalt teal. Earth colors like terra rosa are inexpensive from all manufacturers including Blue Ridge so I have a lot of siennas and earth reds. Cobalt teal is a ‘nice to have’ color that isn’t a regular on my palette. Cobalts are usually expensive and Blue Ridge is no different from other paint makers in this regard but at $24 a tube, it’s a great bargain. 

I don’t have a single favorite paint brand. My palette has a set collection of colors as you can see in this photo, but the paints come from a lot of brands. I don’t have a preferred vendor for most colors, such as ultramarine blue, but for some, I do have a favorite. I like Rembrandt’s raw umber, Winsor Newton’s cadmium scarlet (in the light red niche), and RGH’s cadmium red-purple. I prefer red-purple to red medium because it works better in flesh.

I like Blue Ridg’e offering for the Veronese green (blueish green) niche: cobalt turquoise.



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