Ukraine war

For those paying attention, it’s clear that Russia is winning the Ukrainian War. The counter-narrative, claiming that Ukraine is winning, was maintained until the U.S. Congress passed the $40b aid package. As soon as the bill passed, the famed Azov brigade surrendered.  

Despite Russian aggression, I found it difficult to support Ukraine. Ukraine is a kleptocracy. Shortly before the war, Ukraine had private armies. Private armies arise when the government is weak or illegitimate. In these environments, “justice” is determined by the one holding the gun and is indistinguishable from crime. Corruption and bribery rule, which is why so many U.S. officials and their children are attracted to it. Where will the aid money actually go?

In addition, Russia is winning the all-important economic war. The phony embargo on Russian gas lasted 5 minutes. Russia demanded that their gas be paid for in rubles and the EU has quietly submitted. While the Western economy is in freefall, the Russian ruble has stabilized.

Need more to worry about? Where do most of the world’s grain exports come from? Right, Russia and Ukraine. This is why the German Chancellor lectured Russian President Putin last week and reminded him of his obligation to provide exports–to feed the world. We find the sanctions-imposing West in the untenable position of demanding that their enemy continue to provide them with gas and food!  Former Russian President Medvedev characterized the EU last week as suffering from, “cosmic cretinism.” Is he wrong?

I put a link on my site, Ukraine War, where you can find the companies that have boycotted Russia. Of course, you can also use the site to determine which companies continue to interact with Russia.

Personally, I think the attacks on individual Russians are despicable–a stain on my country.


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