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J. L. David’s Cupid and Psyche

Jacques-Louis David is one of my favorite artists. David’s reputation was cemented for me the first time I visited the Louvre. David made a career revitalizing well-known stories and allegories. From the beginning of his career, David transformed shopworn subjects into works of startling originality. In David’s masterful hands, familiar themes, such as the Death of Socrates,…

David Teniers video

I completed a new video about the great Flemish artist, David Teniers. I was inspired to create the video by my memory of the Cleveland art museum’s painting by Teniers. Because of Covid, I still haven’t resumed my weekly visits to art museums. I miss it.

Destroy that painting!

At the Whitney Biennal last spring, protestors made headlines when they demanded that the museum destroy an artwork they found offensive.  The protesters didn’t want the painting removed from the Biennial, they wanted it destroyed.  The painting by Dana Schutz, Open Casket, is based on a well-known photograph of Emmett Till in his coffin. Till was an African American…