Oil paint brands update

To update my oil paint brands review and reference, I bought some paints that I don’t normally use. I have never used Cranfield or Bob Ross. I list Maimeri Puro and Richeson in my reference but I haven’t used them enough to rate them. This purchase allows me to correct that.

I previously rated M. Graham but since it’s not one of my most-used brands, I’ll update my rating after using it.

Green pale or green light is the only color from this order that is a fixture on my palette. Naples yellow used to be a palette regular but I found I didn’t need it especially since it’s pricey. Maimeri Puro’s Naples yellow is a single pigment color which is a good thing. These days most manufacturers put up a blend and label it Naples Yellow. The other paints in this purchase are blends of several pigments.

Like Naples yellow. Indian yellow used to be a palette regular, but no more. The Bob Ross tube doesn’t list its pigments which is a bad thing and doesn’t bode well for my trial.

King’s blue deep and ice blue are fun colors but I don’t expect them to get a place in my palette even if these particular brands are good.

Expect to see updates to my oil paint brands review and reference in the coming days.

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