Review: Maimeri Puro oil paint

I got my tube of Maimeri Puro Naples yellow with my last paint purchase. All paints purchased that day were unrated on my oil paint reference. I’ve used this brand before and put it on the list but I hadn’t used it enough to rate it. I’m not sure why I haven’t used it before.

Maimeri Puro prices are mid-range and they’re considered professional paints. Perhaps I didn’t use this brand because they use a blend of poppy and safflower oils as binders. Poppy has been around forever and is more expensive than the more frequently used linseed and walnut. Safflower as an oil paint binder is a recent development and is mostly used to cut costs. Maimeri Puro says they use it because, like poppy oil, it’s non-yellowing.

Naples yellow used to be regular on my palette but it’s easy to duplicate and the single-pigment variety has become expensive. Maimeri Puro’s Naples yellow is a single pigment paint and it’s reasonably priced.

I’ve used it in several paintings including this unfinished one titled Bash. The name tag on the right-hand figure has some. Naples yellow is a body-rich yellow; it strongly affects blends. Use it sparingly. 

It’s the leftmost yellow in the photo on the front page for this post.

Maimeri puro is good paint. The Naples yellow handles well enough for me to start using this brand more.

Rating: quality: B  price: B

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