Changeable Lake Erie

Because Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, it’s very changeable. Mild storms can transform into violet cataclysms instantly. Inexperienced boaters are regularly caught out. Small boats swamped while desperately making for the safety of the river is a common sight.

But this changeability provides never-ending entertainment for those living along the shoreline. Yesterday, I took this photo of a bright, fat moon illuminating the gently moving water of the Lake.


Today, after a night of snow, the Lake presents a completely different aspect.


 This next photo is looking northeast from my bedroom deck.


The snow-covered Lake looks frozen over but looks can be deceiving. While the Lake is rapidly freezing, if you were foolish enough to venture onto it today, you’d drop though. Unfortunately, that happens every winter. But if the temperature remains low, the Lake surface will freeze deeply enough to drive your truck onto it. Makes for great ice fishing. 






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