After a bitter and scandal-filled election and with an increasingly divided nation, you might think that the Biden administration would move with circumspection and try to heal the country. Not at all. They are dead set on ‘The Great Reset,’ which turns out to mean overturning the social order without changing leadership.

Because the ballot box has not produced the support they need, It appears that they, Biden and EU leadership, intend to implement The Great Reset by war. In fact, we might already be in WWIII.

Ukraine has lost its war with Russia, as I pointed out, but instead of welcoming negotiations, the West is doubling down. Consider:

  • The neutrals Sweden, Finland, and Switzerland(!) have asked to join NATO. The only thing blocking this destabilizing move is Turkey’s veto. Turkey is demanding a freehand in Syria–and so tensions increase and spread.
  • Lithuania has blocked access to the isolated Russian possession of Kaliningrad. The Russian foreign minister declared the action illegal, hostile, and provocative. Any direct Russian attack on NATO member Lithuania would be an act of war against NATO.
  • Against increasing alarm over food shortages this winter, Ukraine has refused Turkey’s offer to remove the Ukrainian-deployed mines from Black Sea ports. Because of the danger posed by the mines to cargo ships, Ukrainian grain cannot be exported. Ukraine is using its grain surplus to leverage its demand for weapons.

If a NATO-Russia war wasn’t enough, Ukrainian president Zelensky called for a preemptive move against China to prevent Chinese aggression toward Taiwan. Zelensky and the Western leaders have big plans!

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